Freya Powell

I am a constant observer inspired by the beauty in nature that can be found every day. It’s everywhere-you just have to open your eyes and be receptive to the small things.  Growing up I was influenced by our quintessential blooming English cottage garden, secret dells, and wide open skies. The early morning mist that would sometimes gather creating an ethereal other-worldliness.

My background in fashion and textiles is a heavy influence on how I portray flowers within my paintings. The sculptural qualities of flowers have consistently influenced my work, and I find many similarities between flower structures and petals with the movement of fabric. I am always inspired by the silhouette and movement of a petal as you would the drape of a beautiful textile.

With nature as my muse I aim to capture that ephemeral moment of beauty. Whether a single bloom or a display of excess. Those hidden moments where the light turns, the petals are on the edge of their last fullness, or the stems can just about no longer hold the weight of their abundance. It’s in noticing the detail that we can truly appreciate the wonder of the natural form.

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