Jamila Hume

Jamila works with oils to create luxurious and whimsical floral-inspired paintings which express joy. They are generous in colour and texture as well as size.

 She awoke one morning in 2016 and decided that it was time to pursue her childhood dream of painting large, expressionistic oil paintings that celebrate nature and colour. She left her career as an anthropologist and relocated part-time from Greece to Florence Italy, where she attended and painted at L’Acadamie del Arte. Her first session was a live nude figurative drawing class, and it was her 44th birthday; she had found her path and purpose.

 For a year Jamila worked in a corner of the studio painting expressionistic florals and landscapes using oils and a palette knife while other students dove in to the classical renaissance art methods. Jamila’s dream has always been to create large, vibrant oil paintings that express movement and joy. For her, the colours and gestural marks tell the true story. Her work is a stream of consciousness; the dialogue between the palette knife, the colours and the canvas is engrossing, revealing lines, shapes, forms. The painting emerges over a series of days, her role is simply to move with the energy of the paint, colours, and shapes.

 Jamila has lived and travelled throughout the world and has never lost that sense of wonder for its people and places. As both an anthropologist and artist, she has always immersed herself in the exploration of nature, landscapes, cultures, and food. The pleasure she finds in these things is evident in her expressive paintings.

 These days, Outback NSW is her muse. She lives in Nyngan with her husband and two Labrador puppies. She spends her days in her studio gallery, allowing her heart and imagination to guide her. Jamila is grateful to the collectors who invest in her paintings; their engagement with, and response to, her works of art delights her.