Jonathan Gemmell


JWG painting since he was 5 years old, he is now 30 and has been lost in the art adventure since his first art class at 5, by the Yarra river in Warrandyte.

Exhibiting at some incredible locations around the world and meeting some very talented artist that all have helped JWG open his creative mind.

JWG painting almost becomes a form of mediation where the world and technology stops, technology is great for businesses and artist but we must remember our mind is the best camera.

His artwork is created through his adventures in the outback, the hikes to see he view, through the flowers and the gardens he works in daily. Each painting is a reflection of something he has seen somewhere in his life. Largely painting with acrylic JWG found his style is highly detailed with an elaborate artworks, with a huge amount of colours, and layers to create unique textures, There’s a difference is each and every painting, there is no two painting that are the same or that tell the same story.

Like us as humans we all have our own unique story to tell, it’s just how we choose to tell it!