Karen Goddard


Karen has been involved in Art since the late 1990’s during her time living in South Africa where she attended Art school there, all mediums were explored. Her work is inspired by textiles, flowers, nature and the impressionist period. She is uninhibited in her use of colour and believes there is much value in diversity, she strives to produce work across the compositional spectrum, challenging her skills and techniques in the process.
Specialising in Oils, the artist favours impressionism, bringing texture into her work using layering techniques and mark making in a painterly way, therefore although diverse compositionally, her style is easily recognised.
Having moved to the Gold Coast Australia 16 years ago, she draws much influence from the local beaches and landscapes here, and of course her love of flowers.
Artist statement “I love working with colour, it evokes an emotional response, there is a strength and passion attached to applying colour to a canvas and I have always tried to be fearless in it’s application within my work, as for me represents resilience, the colours can be both primary or subtle the impact and response is the same.
Her current body of work feature native flowers, such as Banksia, Proteas, which are all Southern Hemisphere plants connecting the artist to both South Africa and Australia in a beautiful way.