Kate Pittas



Kate Pittas is a Sydney based painter with a current interest in botanical forms. Her approach is semi abstract, with a focus on capturing the movement & energy of the plants along with the mood & atmosphere of each season. Kate is influenced by her love of being outdoors, immersed in nature & usually paints at an easel set up in the garden. This helps her to inject a little of the essence of the flowers, wild weeds & trees that she paints into each piece of art.

As a mother of three preschoolers, Kate paints with a certain spontaneity, reflective of her busy family life. Gestural marks & lashings of colour are indicative not only of the natural world that inspires her, but of the energy & joy of her three children.

Kate recently made the transition from juggling her career as a High school Art teacher with her painting practice & now works as a full time professional artist. With her first child off to school in 2019, Kate plans to enter her first art prize & is excited about future exhibitions.