Kimmi-Lee is an Abstract Artist born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

Her passion for colour and texture began as a child growing up around her seamstress grandmother, where she learned that there are absolutely no rules with creativity.

That passion only further flourished as she moved through her studies in Visual Arts & Visual Merchandising, Textile design & Silk Screen Printing, Colour Matcher/Specialist often matching specific Pantone colours by eye rather than formula.

After many years of working amongst the different artistic fields she began painting as a hobby for the homes she and her husband built and renovated.

Today that hobby has translated into many works that have been used by Stylists and Sold to collectors around the world.

‘KimmiLee’s Style and Inspiration is drawn from her passion for collecting things from nature such as Sea Glass, Rocks and Pebbles on her travels.

Combined with her love of colour and texture, she produces organic pieces of work that are both balanced and harmonious, orderly and dynamic. Her compositions are often open and buoyant yet solidly grounded, softened with sheer overlays and gold leaf detail adding touches of elegance and femininity.’

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