Petra McGrath

Petra’s love of art, interiors, design and her career were influenced by her father, who has devoted his entire life to construction, design and planning.

Petra has a son Maximilian and a daughter Giselle, with whom she lives alternately in Sydney and Prague.

Her abstract work is significantly influenced by life in Australia, where she meets a different culture, lifestyle and diverse colors of nature. She likes to work with light, vibrant colors, figurative painting and symbolism, which evokes in people the joy of life, playfulness, the desire for knowledge and a positive perception of life.

The vibrating color scheme is, above all, a source of timeless joy, energy and free personal interpretations in the abstract part of her work. Petra’s paintings are a unique example of sovereign harmonic combinations of figurative elements within color abstractions with hints of spatial perception and original compositions. These figurative images are an example of the healthy symbolism of human existence, again colorfully and compositionally confidently and purposefully mastered in understanding and joy, often playful to humorous personal interaction.

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