Rachel Prince Martine Gallery

Rachel Prince Artist


My Creative History

My art has been the focus, my heart work, since my earliest years. At High School in Brisbane, I won the sculpture prize in grade 10 and in my senior year I won the Art Award which encouraged me to continue my artistic education.


This led to a Diploma in Art (Interior Design) at the Queensland College of Art and later to a Bachelor of Visual Arts (with Honours) from the Australian National University in Canberra. This depth of study has given me a broad range of skills and techniques to create strongly resolved work. For me, this involves –

  • Researching and developing an idea or a concept to find its core
  • Maintaining discipline to achieve strength and excellence in my work
  • Continuing the work until an accomplished composition is achieved


A major subject in my degree was printmaking. Printmaking is a disciplined art form which demands highly technical processes. As well as skills, it taught me the value of process and planning across all art forms. Studying at an Honours level provided me with the opportunity to explore and focus in depth on specific artistic concepts and my ideas.


I often work in metaphor and I like the viewer to take from the work what they will. There is not fixed meaning or interpretation. I use layering in my work to create an effect and result that I am after. A metaphor for life in a way … everything is multi layered in life as well.


Why Art?

Yes, I am passionate about art. It is important to me but its benefits are broader than the personal. While it can be life enhancing for the individual it is also important to our community, our society. If defines us as a culture, identifies us as a people.


I want my art to be life-enhancing – something that inspires, that prompts a contemplative reflection on how we live our lives and what puts meaning into the everyday.


Our lives today are busy, I hope my work relaxes, gives peace and hope, motivation… whatever the viewer needs. That it makes a space not only beautiful but relaxing or inspirational. I want my art to compliment your home and your lives.


A comment from someone who purchased my art –

“I look at the painting every day and see something different, feel something different. I will never tire of it.”