Ruchi Rai

Originally from India, Ruchi’s journey with colour and design
started in New Delhi where she completed a 3 Year Diploma in
Textile Design. While in India after finishing her course Ruchi
gained some experience of free hand painting on silk and chiffon
Sarees which was like creating an art on a large canvas!
Ruchi travelled around the world with her husband and explored
different landscapes and cultures like Greece, Italy and Japan to
name a few. In 1994 she moved to Australia with her husband and
now calls Australia home. The amazing Australian landscapes and
ocean and the rich and colourful textiles of India have been the
main source of inspiration for her artworks in terms of use of colour
and the softness and transparency of chiffon.
Ruchi mainly works with acrylics, washes and sometimes ink. She
believes art is a way to express feelings and emotions that we feel
towards people, nature and this beautiful earth that we live on.
Ruchi has been exploring with acrylics as she believes they are
very versatile and easy to work with in terms of creating textures,
depth and blending techniques. Ruchi believes in spontaneity and
free flow of strokes. Each piece is started with some visual
understanding of its flow and direction and as it progresses it takes
its own path and slowly develops its own character, story and
Ruchi has been painting full time for the last six years and her
paintings have been well received by Private collectors in Australia
and overseas.
Artist Statement
“Abstraction to me is no boundaries and a feeling of free spirit.
There are no expectations, there are no intentional movements
and no calculative brush strokes. Many times they are just happy
accidents! It is a pure connection of body, mind and soul with the
Colours, shapes and strokes. I always work one piece at a time
from start to finish. Each piece is unique and requires a connection
to happen for the creativity to flow and for the paintings to connect
and talk to me. My favourite part and the most important is working
with white and neutrals for softness and placing rich and bold
Colours in together on the canvas creating a playful yet creative