Sally Browne


My work is informed by the wild nature that flourishes in the unkempt gardens and streets of my inner city neighbourhood. I explore colour, composition and line to generate two dimensional narratives of my surroundings. Our flora and fauna here in Sydney is exotic and unique, and for the moment, still thriving in pockets amongst the hum of the big city backdrop. I draw and paint every day – studying nature provides me with an endless supply of ideas and inspiration, as well as a quiet escape from reality.
Currently I produce paintings on thick textured watercolour paper – varying the paint consistency from a watery wash to opaque. I enjoy the random nature of watercolour and use this characteristic to create delicate layered works with intricate mark making as a feature.
My father is an accomplished painter and he taught me to paint and draw at a very young age – some of my earliest childhood memories are of rummaging through his cigar box of oil paints, and the smell of linseed oil in his house.


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