Sarah Montgomery

Montgomery is a Tasmanian born artist and printmaker living in Sydney.

Etching is at the heart of her art practice.  Sarah is drawn to the process of etching layers and tones into copper, making printing plates, recording natures intricate details and natural patterns.

These artworks depict a space to think, to be grounded. Life measured by moments of observation.
The imagery builds with fallen flora and fauna.  Collections found, embossed leaves, sketched seed pods with curled edges and delicate lines.  Burred, black, brittle stems, contrast with white spaces. These signature marks describe beautiful places and allow personal interpretation of the textured and embossed prints.

There is an open-ended narrative in the work, an echo of our human connection and division.

Journal entry:

“The ink glides smoothly across the plate, the contours and hollows softened with mustard hues, and steely greys. The drawings overlap and many lines give shape to a detailed printing plate, a new story begins…”

Sarah Montgomery

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