Vanessa Mae 


For me, creating art is a joyous experience and my love and enthusiasm for it resonates in my work.  Everyday life gives me the inspiration to paint and I find an escape in the artistic process.  I love art in all forms and am most happy when I am lost in the process of creating.

I am a self-taught artist with a university degree and a background in architecture.  My style is semi-abstract, abstract and in some cases verging on impressionism. I indulge in the painting and drawing process in an instinctive and limitless manner trusting the skills that I have developed to produce original works of art.  My artistry involves a lot of layers and paint application techniques. I am driven by the media and use its clues to transform it into my unique style. It is an intuitive process that keeps building until the work “feels right”.

Each piece of art I create has its own stance and presence – each is created individually. Although ideas for my paintings come from many different avenues, I believe that in the end my creativity is inspired by personal experiences, feelings from within, memories and impressions from the ever-changing environment around me.