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Aqua Pura – Jonathan Gemmell


Original artwork can be bought in store at Martine Gallery Northbridge or you can order online and have the original painting shipped to you.

Aqua Pura
Acrylic on canvas, Framed with Tasmanian oak
150cm x 150 cm



Jonathan is best known for his signature abstract style where he reimagines ocean landscapes, often working in very large scale. He has been commissioned to paint a number of murals and he incorporates a variety of media to his work, although he favours acrylic, a material that he has found most suitable to his practice.
Inspired by the ocean, whether its swimming deep below the surface or seeing it from a birds eye view, Jonathan’s works are both vibrant and meditative, evoking a moment of calm in the midst of nature, away from the urban noise. Jonathan also draws inspiration from the flora and the gardens that surround him and that he incorporates painstakingly into his highly elaborate canvases.
Although Jonathan’s work is eminently abstract, he deftly applies a broad array of techniques, colours, and media that results in a rich body of work with one work more captivating than the other.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 cm
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