Martine Vanderspuy
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Martine Vanderspuy


Based in Sydney, Martine Vanderspuy has had a lifetime love affair with the sea which has led to her aerial inspired resin art.


Using pigmented resin on canvas she creates and mimics the depths and shadows of water, waves and sand. Creating shadows and light by the layering of the resin. The ever changing colours and movement of the ocean.

Living abroad for most of her early life, her family finally settled in Australia where she finished her schooling and went on to study graphic art. As a graphic artist she worked in Canada and Australia in the advertising world. She established her own graphic art studio in 1982 which won many awards within its field. Recently she has set up an art gallery in Northbridge.


Martine displays her resin artwork in the gallery as well as her photographic studies, and some of her textiles. She displays the work of local artists as well as artists form interstate. Apart from the painters there is work from potters, glassblowers and other creative people as well as an ectectic cross section of homeware and artefacts from around the world. 


Martine has experimented with many different mediums. Resin however has become her favourite and principal medium of experimentation and creativity. The medium is fluid in nature and extremely difficult to work with as it constantly moves making it a challenge to capture the colour and fluidity of the final composition. Using many layers, the resin creates vibrancy, colour and clarity, the shadows and the glint of light on water. The tactile nature and depth of the resin almost allows you to step into the  artwork. Martine aims to create artworks that life peoples spirts by viewing the ever changing ocean, creating a window to the sea.


Martine Gallery can be found at 44 Sailors Bay Road in Northbridge. The gallery help raises funds and create awarness for research into Mitochondrial(Mito) disease.  Martine’s youngest son Tom suffers from the disease which has no known cure. Martine is a passionate supporter for research into understanding Mito with the hopes of finding a cure.


Phone: 02 9958 0014

Gallery: 44 Sailors Bay Road , Northbridge NSW 2063