Suzie Riley

Suzie Riley


Growing up on a farm in the South East of South Australia, Suzie has always been influenced by the landscape.
Initially studying Art and Design in Fremantle with an interest in textiles, she has concentrated on painting since her return to S.A. where she works from a strawbale studio in the Adelaide Hills.
Surrounded by rolling hills, natural bush, and the spectacular Fleurieu Peninsula, her work is nature based, revolving around her daily practice of walking the dog.
This is the time that thoughts are unravelled and observations made, the dapple of shadow, nuance of colour, and underlying structure an endless resource.
Beginning with field sketches, the action helps to reinforce a memory of marks, or sensations that guide her imagination later in the studio.
Currently enjoying the variety of both pastel and acrylic, she is inspired by irregular patterns, seasons and the passage of time. This is reflected in her painting style, sometimes building up layers and other times revealing what lies beneath, allowing them to evolve to give a sense of history or patina of age.

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