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My name is Martine Vanderspuy, art director and principle artist behind the team. I have lived in many parts of the world growing up on four continents and finally settling in Australia. I chose to study graphic design which led me to setting up a multiple award-winning graphics businesses.


Apart from my graphics I help support a charity to raise funds for research and hopefully a cure for mitochondria disease. My first love however has been the creation of commissioned pieces and limited edition artwork for clients all over the world.


I come from a robust graphics background with over 25 years experience in the advertising and magazine industries, working with such names as Ogilvy & Mather, Woman’s Day and I was senior art director at Brand Management before starting my own graphic design businesses.


Some of my clients have included: Telstra, HSBC, Bains Consulting, Aims International, Creative Gourmet, Astra Pharmaceutical, Bayer Pharmaceutical, Unilever, Arnotts, Campbell’s and Delta Gold. I’ve also worked with scores of independent interior designers and architects helping create bespoke art for private homes and offices. You might have seen my work, home and philanthropy efforts featured in Modern Homes Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, multiple foodie publications and Real Living magazine.

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My work fuses the imagery of macro photography with the bold aesthetics of graphic design. That’s been the appeal for most of my clients. I love to blend high key photography, illustration and painting with gorgeous, tactile effects like resin, varnish, paint, perspex and metal. My designs work on hard and soft mediums – from hanging artwork, to wallpaper, metal outdoor or garden art, to rugs and upholstery fabrics. You name it – I can design on it! I adore interior design and so I design with interiors in mind.


The bespoke element of my work is quite unique. Whilst clients can choose from my limited edition online gallery, I delight most in working with clients to create something personal to their brief – colour, sizing, materials, mood and budget. I’ll even help them turn their own photographs into art pieces. Essentially, I love to listen, love to fulfil a brief and adore delighting people.

kolling foundation
AMDF Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation



A percentage of every sale is donated to Mitochondrial disease (MITO). Why? MITO affects children and adults all over the world, and is a difficult disease to diagnose and treat. It robs the body of energy and life. The World Health Organisation has calculated that neurodegenerative diseases, also associated with Mitochondrial dysfunction will become the world’s second leading cause of death by the year 2040. I’m passionate to help find a cure for this disease. My youngest son suffered from Mito for 5 years before he was diagnosed with the disease.


Consequently, this has played a big part in our family life and continues to do so. I have established a fund raising link:
His full story is on the AMDF website: