Lia Klugman

Lia Klugman is a Brazilian born ceramic artist who spent many years in Africa before immigrating to Australia. Her style lends from both South American and African influences while portraying distinct Australian tones.

Lia has studied under many renowned international ceramic masters together with prestigious Australian ceramic teachers at the National Art School. She completed her graduate Diploma in Ceramics at the Brookvale Tafe. Her most recent work has been exploring Raku, Naked Raku and Saggar techniques.

“Ceramic is a tactical, sensorial, therapeutic medium that I express my nature and my moods. I AM attracted to the versatility and to the endless possibilities of this medium.
I immerse myself in Hand building each piece, losing track of time.

At the moment I am drawn to using the traditional Japanese technique, Raku, and the Chinese technique, Saggar. Both these techniques create unique organic outcomes. I am inspired by the firing ritual and the beauty it produces.”

  • Angular – Lia Klugman
  • Angular Rim – Lia Klugman
  • Blessed – Lia Klugman
  • Blessed 6 – Lia Klugman
  • Blessed III – Lia Klugman
  • Summer I – Lia Klugman
  • Summer IIII – Lia Klugman
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