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Sol Contardo

Sol Contardo is a Sydney-based ceramic artist who has captivated art enthusiasts with her stunning and innovative creations. With a passion for exploring different techniques, she continuously experiments with various forms, shapes, textures, and glazes, pushing the boundaries of traditional ceramics embodying a true sense of creativity.  Her portfolio showcases an array of mesmerizing sculptures, vases, and tableware, each bearing her distinctive style and unique touch.

Among the various techniques that Sol explores, her horsehair and feather raku pieces stand out. These pieces are an example of her fascination for this unique method, where strands of horsehair are applied to the hot surface of the ceramic, resulting in mesmerizing patterns and textures. The combination of organic and inorganic elements adds a touch of mystique to her work, making it truly stand apart.

Sol’s artistic journey has been marked by numerous exhibitions and recognitions, and her work has been showcased in galleries across Australia and beyond.

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