Simon Palmer

My work is mainly associated with boldly coloured landscapes (and some
figurative works) which investigate the edges between representation and
abstraction – the blurred cross-over between recognisable place, and
abstracted memory of a familiar scene.
More recently I have also been producing strongly coloured landscapes
based around bush themes – something I started doing 20 years ago, but
put aside, always hoping to explore further at a later date – which I’m now
starting to do.
I’m concerned with the excitement generated by the (both planned and
accidental) interaction of colours, contrasts and brushstrokes, as much as
with subject matter.


The years of study, including a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, combined with the influence of travels to Africa, India, Nepal, Thailand and Japan has informed Juju’s work and enabled the emergence of a style that is lyrical and enchanting, inviting the observer to be drawn into the whirling mass of pigment stained canvas and layers of amber shellac.