Belinda Rogers  



Award winning Painter & Poet Belinda Rogers uses abstract forms as a mediation between the conscious and unconscious self.  Belinda paints from a studio in Australia’s oldest artist colony, where she devotes her life to her work amidst the legacy of prominent Australian artists.   Nurturing her own place of seeing and the techniques acquired from her early childhood, Belinda has broken away from traditional painting to create a unique voice in abstraction.  Her paintings are an immersion of formlessness, which seemingly float in the many minute translucent layers, beckoning her audience further into the image, as though they too, may ‘step through the veil’.  Her work has been referenced as ‘breaking light’ and is exhibited in local and international exhibitions.

A published poet, her poems also cut away at the fabric of word, leaving her audience with a sense of resonance and mystery.

Having worked as an acupuncturist for many years and as a devoted student of Zen philosophy, her work dwells within the beauty of these ancient traditions.

  • A Bird Flew From His Hands – Belinda Rogers
  • Enids Tree – Belinda Rogers
  • Letters to the Silence – Belinda Rogers
  • The Creative Process – Belinda Rogers
  • Water Spirit – Belinda Rogers
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