Sally Horton

Sally lived in London for many years where she worked with high profile designers creating fabrics, furnishings, interiors and  botanical paintings for such names as Aspreys, the Royal family, and the Disney family.
Sally returned to Australia to live on the Northern Beaches.  She  worked on large scale interiors around Australia, New Zealand and Asia and had several successful solo exhibitions in Sydney.
She now paints and teaches from her rural studio on the mid north coast of New South Wales.
“Living both near the coast and countryside, I’ve spent years observing and endeavoring to capture the changing light. The diffusion of colours in the atmosphere is profoundly inspiring”.
Her work is in private collections in Europe, UK, USA and Asia.

  • Artichokes – Sally Horton
  • Gum Leaves – Sally Horton
  • Lemons – Sally Horton
  • Lemons II – Sally Horton
  • Onions – Sally Horton
  • Pears II – Sally Horton
  • Pomegranates II – Sally Horton
  • Soldiers I – Sally Horton
  • Waterhole II – Sally Horton
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