Shellie Christian

Artist Statement

I’m a Central Coast sculptor ceramicist expressing my life and soul connection with the land through earth-inspired forms.

I use natural elements found in the local bushland and coastline to create ceramics that evoke the oneness of land, people and our environment. That is what matters most – the bonds we have with each other, entwined with our deep-rooted connection with nature.

You can find some surprising markings and finishes in my work, created by using materials like pods, sticks, seeds and wire. I intuitively use them to extend the still form and echo the movement and energy I see in nature, mirroring the rustic elegance of the Australian bush.

My love of Australian birds and wildlife is a theme present in all of my sculptures. I hope my art will inspire respect for these beautiful animals and their habitat protection.

  • Bird Ceramics – Shellie Christian
  • Bird Totems – Shellie Christian