Elaine Green

It is the ephemerality of clouds and mist and what might exist beyond that intrigues me. My interest lies in the fleeting nature of the elements, perceiving a certain moment and then attempting to capture its memory: the essence of that point in time.

I am also referring to all types of atmospheric optical phenomena and philosophic modal illusions, as well as the illusions that can be conveyed on canvas by painterly effects. Inspired by Turner and the Romantics, I aspire to convey the experience of being immersed in the landscape rather than making a realistic representation of it. Creations born of experience and memory of place, my works begin as abstractions; manipulating oil paint, exploring spaces that exist only on the canvas, blurring and rubbing back, adding, and reducing until eventually a narrative is revealed. Like memories indistinct, they generate an atmospheric poetry, if only momentarily.

  • Curious View – Elaine Green
  • Deloraine Magic – Elaine Green
  • Flight Through Paradise – Elaine Green
  • Northern Rivers – Elaine Green
  • The Secret – Elaine Green
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