Katie Wyatt


Born in 1974, Katie Wyatt received an Associate Diploma in Fashion Design, Marleston TAFE, South Australia.

She paints large format impressionist pieces that are heavily textured, impasto works based on her own experiences, memories, photographs and recollections. Katie’s graphic design background is also evident through her solid compositions and strong colour contrasts.

Her practice involves pushing the acrylic paint medium to its limits, dripping and layering paint onto the canvas until a story is written. The final image evolves from the layers sometimes subconsciously.

She explores form and line using texture, allowing shapes to evolve from the thick and generous application of impasto and paint. The light is reflected and emphasised from the sculptural effects created by the textured finish. The final stage of varnishing evens out the surface and increases the colour saturation of the work.

Recently commissioned by Art Images Gallery director Colin Burgin to create a portrait of the celebrated Barry Humphries, Katie’s large-scale work received positive media coverage in the Advertiser Newspaper.

  • Antonella – Katie Wyatt
  • Atlantic – Katie Wyatt
  • Camille – Katie Wyatt
  • Herme – Katie Wyatt
  • Odyssey – Katie Wyatt
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    Peninsula – Katie Wyatt
  • Serena – Katie Wyatt
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