Dianne Bradley

My path to creative discovery began with being awarded a three year art scholarship at the National Art College of Sydney. With my newly minted degree, I went straight into working in magazines as a designer and illustrator.
Moving to London after getting married, I worked in the same industry – albeit on a much faster, grander scale – magazines and book publishing.
On returning to Australia, I was excited to find an industry in growth, and used my experience to launch DOLLY, the first teenage magazine of its time, followed by Belle. Over the following years I stayed true to my calling and even throughout a break to start a family, I continued to illustrate books in gardening, travel, cookbooks and self sufficiency (which was all the go at the time!). One of my career highlights was working on Gourmet Traveller, still one of my favourites.
Making the sea change to the south coast of NSW has been an incredibly rewarding decision. Living here, inspiration is all around, from the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes to the fauna that brings it to life. The trees and vines in my back garden are a perfect backdrop for a thriving community of birds that inspire me to pick up my brushes and paints.
I’ve never felt more creatively satisfied as I have in these past ten years.

  • Banksia – Dianne Bradley
  • Banksias on a Silk Shawl – Dianne Bradley
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