Martine Gallery: An art gallery with a difference

Martine Gallery located in Northbridge, Sydney, is an art gallery with a difference. The gallery showcases twelve Australian based artists, all with their own unique style, from resin art to oil paintings to African inspired photography to watercolours, etchings and prints. Each artist is given the opportunity to own their style as Martine carefully picks artists that are unique in their content and technique. Furthermore the artworks are not just restricted to paintings, Martine Gallery also showcases glass blowers and potters from different corners of Australia, with their own unique sculptural style.

Not only does the gallery showcase a beautiful range of artworks, it houses an eclectic and contemporary collection of furniture and homewares that places each artwork into an insitu scene, giving customers ideas of how they can style their artwork or insert it into a particular interior style. The mixture of interior styles includes traditional to Hamptons to tribal to contemporary. The homewares have been collected from all over the world, with the gallery supporting local artisans from the streets of South Africa along with products sourced directly from Indonesia and Europe including homewares, jewellery and scarves. The gallery is ever-changing and constantly growing, with new stock arriving every week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Furthermore there is a personal cause behind Martine Gallery, with a percentage of sales donated to Mitochondrial disease (Mito) research to fundraise and find a cure for Martines son, Tom, and other Mito patients. Mito is a debilitating genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure and potentially death. Martine’s passion is to support finding a cure for her son and many others by using her talents as an artist and raise awareness.

Shopping at Martine Gallery is more than just shopping, its an experience. You are invited into a world of art that supports Australian artists in their artistic journey, along with supporting local artisans and raising awareness for a disease that is becoming more and more common among our population.

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