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Bruno Mota


Bruno Mota’s colour filled, energetic landscapes bring joy to many. Lighting up any space his landscape works are hung.
Bruno Mota is a Brazilian artist based in Sydney. He was born in 1983 in Santos, a beautiful coastal city in Brazil. Carrying the inspiration of his birth place within him, Bruno now paints beautiful Australian landscapes scenes well known to many. Whether it be Brighton, Byron Bay or Bali as his subject matter, Bruno captures the essence of where he has himself stood, taking in the beauty around him. He is skilfully able to capture a location’s uniqueness. All the positive feelings flow out from his art work and into the viewer who instantly recalls joy-filled summer holidays (or dreamily wishes of future ones).

With inspiring artist figures such as Jackson Pollock, Bruno uses acrylics to express his warm, positive energetic ideas onto canvas through bright block colours. He has an immense sense of joy discovering new places, meeting new people and sharing his positivity with the world through art.

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