Ella Robins

Art for me is a way of expressing myself, a zone where I can make sense of things and show my perspective on canvas. It’s a voice for me that can’t be spoken, only created, and shown. I grew up in Orange NSW and I am now based in Sydney, studying at The National Art School completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts. I was fortunate enough to escape the hard lockdown last year and travel to the Glengarry opal fields near Lightning Ridge and stay at my Grandfather’s shack. Here I was able to immerse myself in the wide open space of a unique part of the Australian landscape. I decided when I was in this strangely beautiful and isolated place to use my lockdown time to be creative. I wanted to bring all of the brightness and joyful colors around me into a piece that blended the light and bright with the dark and strange feelings of what was such a challenging time for many of us. Out of this challenge I created my piece ‘Red Wonder,’ to bring joy to any room.