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Little Deet in Pink – Susan Christie


Original Art and Ceramics by Susan Christie

Original Art and Ceramics can be bought in store at Martine Gallery North Bridge or you can order online and have shipped to you.

Little Deet in Pink
Handmade vessel
18cm height x 11cm width x 5cm deep

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Susan Christe is an artist and designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. All the products are hand made with the best materials available.

Little Deet in Pink is a study in silhouette and symmetry. Hand-crafted from speckled buff clay by artsist Susan Christie of formantics. The front is painted light pink, the sides are left a natural buff colour and the handle is painted brown.
Each piece is handmade and therefore unique.

Glazed inside and out. Waterproof.

Additional Information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 101 × 101 cm
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