Holly Eva is an Australian contemporary artist known for her freestyle expressionist abstract work and intuitive Warrior Woman paintings. She was born in a small Country town called Camden then moved to the central coast where the beach culture became her teenager years now still on the Australian coastline but further south she works from her studio at Bulli.

 Holly Eva pushes boundaries and tries to break all the rules of conventional art. She describes her way of painting as a chaotic dance, jumping in, stepping backwards, getting still, it all has its own rhythm totally in line with her own heart beat. Connecting to her highest self is the end product each time she picks up a brush. Holly Teaches workshops as well. She hosts Holly eva paint parties and is always willing to teach corporate workshops as well.

Holly Eva’s art work is intuitive which means she doesn’t know what she is going to paint at the start of the process. Rather, the painting shows her what it is going to be. Holly has held a number of exhibitions across Sydney and Wollongong. She is a featured artist on Channel 9’s The Block Shop and has been featured in My Kitchen Rules, Selling Houses Australia and in Belle Magazine. Holly won second place in the Thirroul Seaside Festival Art Prize in 2018 and is a two-time finalist in the Mosman Art Prize Finalist (2017 & 2015). 

This year in 2019 Holly Eva in one of Australia’s Largest art fairs called “the other art fair” she has also been invited to a show in London as well for 2020 so her future is bright.

Most of all Holly loves to serve and connect. You can see this in her paintings. Her style carries a sense of fun and freedom. 

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