Montana Moore

Meet Montana. Originating from Scotland, Montana is an aerial seascape artist based in Manly who specialises in bringing her drone photography to life with paint, creativity and passion. Focusing on the crashing of waves and the ocean’s endless shades of blue, Montana’s art finds creative ways to showcase Australia’s stunning scenery and bring it to life in homes around the world.

Montana’s drive comes from a lifetime of challenging herself and bringing creativity to everything she does. Starting her first business at age 16, Montana sold hand-made jewellery and discovered she not only had a knack for creating beauty but also for spearheading business development. To balance what came to be a successful career in project management, Montana finds great pleasure in evolving her creative talents in cooking, baking, photography and jewellery making.
Having always dreamed of doing what she loves, and with the support of her loving other half and Mum, Montana has decided to throw herself into mastering her unique technique of depicting the beauty of the ocean. Montana has a massive appreciation for life and Australia is her muse. Her aim in life is just to be happy, learn and explore which is all fulfilled by pushing her creative talents. She aims to bring some fun and colour to her paintings and hopes that anyone looking at her paintings knows they’ve been made with the utmost love for life.

The next year should be an exciting one for Montana. Watch her idea’s grow.

  • Paradise III  (Dark Oak) – Montana Moore
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