Sarah Morrow

I am a painter, using acrylic paints on stretched canvas. I paint with immediacy and fluidity allowing the emotions and memories to pour on to the canvas. I do not work from photographs or a master plan.

The past ten years of painting has been a lot of passionate hard work combined with a powerful need to express what is important. The natural environment is what is important to me and that is reflected in nearly all of my work.

Landscapes are painted as hardy, practical places that provide healthy habitats for flora and fauna, not as a pleasant view for humans. My view is that the natural environment does not exist for exploitation on any level.

I have a direct and immediate response to the destruction of the natural environment in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘the economy’. I sometimes feel immense pain, anger and sorrow when I feel humans in general are not focussed on what is important in our lives.

Hours are spent on a beach or a walking track in a forest where I visually process many minute habitats, complete with colour and texture, months and sometimes years later, these casual and important observations emerge within a painting.

I have travelled extensively over the years to Asia and Europe and spent some years living in the Middle East, these experiences have also certainly influenced my style. 
I am a prolific painter and have sold many works over the past 10 years to local Australians and international buyers (U.S.A and Asia mainly).

I love what I do!

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