Once you have chosen your new artwork you can then decide whether leaving it natural with sides exposed is best for you or if a frame would complete the look. In a contrasting or similar colour, a frame can work like a pair of eyebrows or glasses on a face, highlighting and finishing off the look. Or it can even change the look completely, like different coloured grout between bathroom tiles.

Our favourite frame is 5mm or 10mm wide, comes in white or black gloss or matte and natural wood completely hiding the sides of the painting, leaving a small gap of about 5mm between frame and canvas creating a dark border of shadow. Even if you have a white or pale canvas with a white frame this natural line creates a pleasing border of space. We also offer wider frames of 20-25mm. With frame corner samples in the gallery you can try them here on your painting before we send them off to the framers for you. Easy!

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