Pop of Colour!

We often get asked the question “how can I inject some colour into my home?”

Investing in brightly coloured furniture and curtains or painting a feature wall can be risky and very limiting with little movement for change when you tire of it (and you will!) 

These days neutral colour palettes are very popular in floors, walls and sofas. Although calming for the soul, this can often result in a lack of focus for the eye and just a whole lot of beige but it can be a good foundation and backdrop for layering interest in other ways. One idea to introduce some colour pops is to choose a piece of art that you love, decide on one or two colours or tones within the art which you can bring out and reflect in soft furnishings like throws and cushions along with vases, bowls and other interesting pieces. If an open plan home design results in little wall space for large art pieces, using soft furnishings alone is a brilliant way to add some personality to your room. Different textures and patterns in the same colour tones add interest and a little quirkyness.

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