We’re not afraid to say it… buying art is difficult.

We’re not afraid to say it… buying art is difficult. 


Waltzing into a gallery doesn’t mean you will walk out with an artwork. Its a bit like buying a car, not exactly on the financial basis but on the level of time and thought that goes into purchasing it. It is an investment. 

A number of questions arise when you are buying art, including the number of pieces you wish to buy, your budget and the style of art, that will fit your interior space comfortably. 

However don’t let these questions turn you off sourcing art pieces for your home, as we are here to help you with all the aspects of buying art, from start to finish. 

Each of our blog entries will feature a hint or friendly piece of advice that can assist you in starting the art sourcing or buying process. Our first tip is to couples looking to buy art. A solution to quarrels over art includes allowing each partner a turn in choosing a piece, as quite a few couples struggle with a clash in taste. Each house has many walls to be adorned, meaning the choice in art can be spread equally. 

The Gallery shows seven artists each with their own unique style. We show a range of mediums, from original paintings and photo prints to water-colours and mixed media. We show abstracts, landscapes, seascapes and a new range of Children’s art. 

We have recently launched a new range of Children’s Wall Art named Peak-A-Boo, which incorporates a unique and fun animal theme with a Scandi, contemporary style to decorate a modern nursery or child’s interior.

Peak into our new range on our website: www.martinegallery.com 


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